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Specialized Metallurgical Engineering & Design, LLC.
SME & Design, LLC.


Our vision is to become the most trusted single source and multi-trade industrial contracting and engineering services provider based on hands-on expertise and continuous innovative developments.
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We foresee changes in the market, and it is to our clients' benefit that we proactively introduce new technologies that benefit and enhance our safety and security for our lifestyles and are environmentally safe for our Island and the world.

Our Mission is to consistently exceed customer satisfaction through open communication, encouraging innovation and our inherent values that reflect the way
we do business.

To provide new technologies that benefit and enhance our security for  our lifestyles and well-being that are environmentally safe for our Island and the world.

Our Story

Specialized Metallurgic Engineering & Design LLC (SME & Design) as we refer to it was founded in 2000 by a group of ex-refinery engineers with disciplines in Marine metallurgy, mechanical, electrical, structural & civil engineering. From the beginning, the company has concentrated on refinery & power generation construction, maintenance, water desalination engineering and, construction. We are one of the leading specialists in metallurgy marine engineering construction. This success is based on the underlying company philosophy, which was developed a long time ago and which still applies today: operational excellence, flexibility, reliability, and execution — with the goal of achieving the highest degree of quality engineering through the application of experience.

SME & Design is a world leader in metallurgic marine engineering. Combining entrepreneurial success with responsible action, at SME & Design, we make the world easier, safer, and greener through our many successful US Patents in non-intermittent renewable energy in ocean wave-to-energy and land-based renewable energy systems that do not depend on wind or sun and requires no hydrocarbon fuel of any kind. 


One of our new break-through technologies is our Ocean Coral Reef  Breakwater System which protects the coasts erosion and includes land and ocean laboratories for coral restoration and other species. Equally important it can generate energy from the waves that go through our Lego Type Breakwater Wall. Another technology that can be integrated/combined with this unique Breakwater System.


 SME & DESIGN, LLC., we believe that the right understanding and technological edge can lead all of us towards a successful future. 

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Abstract Futuristic Background

Meet the Executive Team

Our Philosophy

SME & Design, LLC., business philosophy is to create, dedicate, communicate, participate, innovate, think big, use great timing, and nurture positive employee and customer `relationship where we are all better as a result of having one another in each other's lives.

The pragmatic application of this philosophy is to ensure that there is a constant flow of respect for time, care for each other's well-being, and support for our mutual success in the form of providing instructions, knowledge, and resources necessary to get the job done to the best of everyone's ability.

Education & Community Program


Dr. Juan Andujar

We’re an experienced and talented group of entrepreneurs and engineers and scientists with groundbreaking ideas that we hope will contribute towards a better tomorrow. We provide smart solutions for industries, businesses, and communities, we pride ourselves on our unparalleled, dedicated solutions.


Specialized Metallurgy Engineering & Design, LLC (SME & Design as we refer to it), the management team is comprised of top-level, broad-spectrum, expertise that includes engineers & scientists who are specialists in marine metallurgy, marine nuclear energy propulsion, renewable land, and ocean to wave energy systems, electrical power potency, distribution feasibility, and grid integration.


The team includes metallurgy, mechanical, electrical, marine scientist, structural & civil engineers including industry veterans’ entrepreneurs and business executive professionals that have a proven background in business development, installation of: power generation, installation of R&D products development and manufacturing, industrial design, banking/finance, and marketing and sales in the fields of: 

  • Engineering and Design 

  • Ocean to energy coral reef Bio regeneration engineered wave breaker systems

  • Wave to Ocean power generation

  • Hydro kinetic Electromagnetic frequency-energy high-pressure propulsion drive

  • Proprietary alternative energy systems

  •  Computer engineering modeling & computer engineering simulation system and 3D rapid prototyping technology. 


SME & Design, LLC., will install the products developed by us in-house and/or technologies by other inventors or companies.

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Juan Andujar,

Dr, Sc., Met. Eng.

President & CEO


Elvira Del Valle

Vice President

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Julio E. Abreu, P. E.

Mechanical Engineer

Enriquillo Foto usa esta.png

Enriquillo Romero, Civil Eng.

Civil Engineer/Civil Specialist

Dr. Juan Andújar, Dr. Sc. Met. E. President and CEO of Specialized Metallurgic Engineering & Design, LLC., SME & Design, LLC Obtained his Master’s Degree Magna Cum Laude in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Notre Dame, he also holds a degree in Metallurgy-Quantum Physics in Oceanographic Marine Engineering, then completed his Doctorate Degree (Ph.D.) in Metallurgical Quantum Physics.   For over twenty years he was a project leader in Marine Metallurgy Research and Development (R&D) for United States (US) based Phillips Petroleum Corp. in refineries and offshore oil platforms, with assignments that took him as far as the Persian Gulf, Africa, Mexico, South and Central America. Specialization in Marine Metallurgy, ultrasonic non-destructive testing (NDT). With over 30 years of experience in the field of metallurgic marine metallurgy subsea-systems-deep water specialized commercial diving welding He organized Deep South Marine Engineering and, then founded in 1990 S.M.E. & Design a specialized metallurgical marine engineering, contracting & consulting group, for an international bid with the Dominican Republic Ports Authority for the container Port of Puerto Plata, a 35-year concession, with a PPA (license) for 132MW with La Comisión Nacional de Energía Eléctrica de la Republica Dominicana. SME is the leading entity in the non-intermittent renewable ocean wave to energy DynoWave® and Dyno Coral Reef Wave to Energy Systems for the Port of Puerto Plata. Dr. Andujar is an inventor & patent holder of renewable energy systems with over 27 proprietary technologies, and several technical papers; ; Member of the Association of Iron & Steel Engineers, American Society of Mechanical Engineers and the Society of Naval Architects & Marine Engineers, The American Society of Marine Engineers and The American Concrete Institute. National Association of Corrosion Engineers International & Association for Materials Protection and Performance.

Mrs. Elvira Del Valle Secretary and Treasurer for SME & Design LLC.; President of the Dr. Juan Andujar Foundation and Vice President of Neptune Ocean Harvest International Inc., and author of Projecto Renacer (Project Rebirth) Socioeconomic Humanitarian concept with non-intermittent renewable energy AC power. A graduate of the Ramirez Business College of Puerto Rico where she graduated Cum Laude with a BA degree in Business Management. Elvira is a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur for over 40 years. In 1970 She started her career in the beauty and cosmetic industry where she owned and managed a successful chain of beauty-spa and cosmetic stores employing over sixty 60 direct jobs, located throughout the San Juan business and touristic districts and within the larger four- and five-star hotels.   In 1990 she sold her businesses and became a partner and CFO of Deep South Marine services, a US Federal Bonded contracting company under a joint venture with Northrop Gruen dedicated to the secure storage, repairs, and service of all speed boats, yachts, and cargo ships up to 500’ feet long confiscated for drugs by US Customs, US-DEA, Immigration, and US Coast Guard, Way beyond her training, her professional approach has been guided toward the Development and Design of Strategic Projects for Humanitarian Support, Education, and Technology, with the approval of the Department of Education of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, thus creating and presiding the Dr. Juan Andújar Foundation by Presidential Decree from the President of the Dominican Republic, Dr. Leonel Fernandez Reyna and in Puerto Rico.

Julio E. Abreu Miranda Mechanical Engineer Founder and President of AM Consultant, Inc. since 1988. More than 20 years of experience in the engineering field. AM Consultant is today one of the most knowledgeable Mechanical Engineering Firms in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean Region. We have the technological advantages that are an essential tool in all Industrial, Pharmaceutical, Construction and Engineering Fields. The Principal Professional Services that we offer include but are not limited to: Boiler and Pressure Inspection and Certification, Welding Inspection and Certification, Mechanical Integrity Services and Elevator, Escalator, Hoist and Crane and Related Equipment Inspection and Certification. Extensive knowledge of regulations from Federal Agencies for the care, safety, health and protection of humans and the environment. We work to help our clients maintain this affinity and to not have any problems with the controls that makes this world a safe place. I have joined the SME & Design, LLC. Executive Team to join efforts in the realization of various projects.

Enriquillo Romero Santana Civil Engineer/Civil Specialist Purdue University - Metallurgy 1964-65, Indiana University - Math Mayor 1966-67, Civil Engineer, Universidad Santa María, Caracas Venezuela 1975. More than 30 years of experience in the direct leadership in various important projects, which include the execution, Supervision and Project Management, Testing and Certifications of Multidisciplinary Undertakings that can be all summarized in the following areas: Site Solution, Planning Design and Construction, Technical Specifications for Civil Works, Structural and Equipment Hoisting, Earth Movements, Grounds, Hydraulic Works, Dams, Roadways, Bridges, Tunnels, Trussed Walls, Piles, Sand Blasting, Hydroelectric Plants, Electrical Substations, Transmission Lines,Water Storage Tanks, Aqueducts and Related Networks, Drainages, Sewerage, Metallurgic Corrosion and Concrete Structures, Power Systems, Control Systems, Air Conditioning, Gas and Oil Line Pipe Erection, Oil Refinery, Metro Station, Airport Base.

Our Team


Javier H. A. Figueroa Cay, P.E.

Engineering Mgmt., Electrical Engineer 

Computer Engineering.

Rafael A. Mulero, P.E.

Civil Engineer Construction Computer Literate

Armando Márquez, B.S., B. E.

Biomedical Engineer



















Engineering Plans

Our Services



SME & Design offers individually tailored solutions to meet specific customer needs. Cross-functional teams comprised of scientist, engineering and supply chain IT logistics experts focus on continuous improvement and cost management.


At SME & Design, LLC.,  our biologists will train the biologist assistants to work on the coral restoration and laboratories. They will also learn about the different registers required for the growth of the coral and other species.

The Community Program will provide knowledge on how the Ocean Wave Breaker and Coral Reef Restoration System works. In addition it will discuss with the community the micro and small business opportunities the program will provide and assist them in the process. 


The fastest path to growth and development? Working collaboratively with SME's diverse engineering team in disciplines: mechanical, metallurgy quantum physics in ocean marine, electrical, structural, civil, wastewater, agriculture and aquaculture to create competitive specialized engineering through powerful project-management design.


The highest quality demands the most rigorous standards for construction certification. To meet them, SME Project Management engages in a full range of testing, certification and qualification support that includes all phases of construction and environmental health and safety considerations.


SME & Design has been designated the company that will install and ensure maintenance for the various technologies developed throughout the Research & Development within our other companies.  Thus, providing the full spectrum of the knowledge and experience required for the precise installation and requirements for each technology. We will evaluate the site and coordinate with all required for compliance and proper functionality. This is why you will see a variety of products under our jurisdiction. We have been provided with the licensing for the installation of: Dyno Coral Reef Breakwater System

Dyno Coral Reef Breakwater Wave Energy Generation System

Intrinsically Safe Ground Monitoring System

Aquaculture  Specialized System

Agriculture Advanced Technology

Q-DEPSYS Energy Generation System 

and others.


From manufacturing to project installation and commissioning, is uniquely qualified and knowledgeable to be your partner in a range of industries. 


SME & & Design ensures that all security, health and safety measures are followed and complied with in accordance to all federal, state and municipal procedures and regulations. 

Our services and products are guaranteed compliance and maintenance as required.



The "Fundación Dr. Juan Andujar" will provide grants to those who desire to further their education on any subject related to the Ocean Wave Breaker and Coral Reef Restoration System. 

Scuba Diver and Corals



One of our new break-through technologies is our Ocean Coral Reef Breakwater System which protects the beach and coast community from erosion  and includes land and ocean laboratories for coral restoration and other species.  Promote the conservation of coastal and marine resources.

Equally important it provides DC electric power from ocean waves to coastal communities, technology that is combined with this unique  breakwater system.

The initial installation includes all the energy required for the reef and land and ocean laboratories to work.


Additional Technologies and Products
within others


Solutions Through Our Technologies 



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"At SME & DESIGN, LLC., we believe that the right understanding and technological edge can lead all of us towards a successful future.

You can contact us through our Email: 

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